Why Choose Us?

Bihm Equipment offers a fleet of Heavy Machinery Vehicles for sale and lease across America. Bihm offers Caterpillar and Morooka machinery. You can rest assure whatever your needs are regarding the latest vehicles, we can supply those needs.

When it comes to cost, experience and service, Bihm Equipment is a solid partner for your heavy equipment, highline, pipeline construction needs.

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Equipment Leasing and Sales

Bihm Equipment Company Inc. offers a large selection of Caterpillar and Morooka heavy construction equipment to meet the demanding needs of the oil and gas market, civil construction projects and more.

We focus on one customer at a time to ensure that all needs are met. Our sales, field crew and mechanics are all highly experienced in the field of heavy construction operations which is why Bihm Equipment Company Inc. is the total solutions provider for heavy rental equipment.

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Specialty Equipment

Bihm Equipment is more than vehicles. We have a line of complementary products for your construction needs. Whether you need lube equipment, trailers or other specialty items, we have the products to serve you.

Emergency Aid

Equipment breakdown can be catastrophic to a project which is on schedule and on budget. The field diagnostic devices installed on our machinery allows us to troubleshoot the problem immediately, long before the mechanic arrives, the problem has been diagnosed and repair is underway. Minimum downtime increases the total performance, that’s our standard.

Our equipment speaks to us and that saves you money, another reason why Bihm Equipment should be your construction partner.

24 hour Service

Our response time to repair a down vehicle is greatly increased by our satellite equipped service vehicles which allows our service personnel instant communications with our home office and repair personnel.

We are leaders in our field when it comes to how we manage our fleet of vehicles.

We run when you do, that’s twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Bihm Equipment is dedicated to meeting the tough demands of round the clock construction.