Midwestern 550CH Pipelayer

Midwestern 550CH Pipelayer

The Midwestern 550CH Pipelayer is a sideboom pipelayer used for pipeline and industrial applications. The 550CH is a track-type, crawler tractor with a hydraulic sideboom that offers a 42,500 pound maximum load capacity and 30,000 pound working load capacity to handle the biggest jobs you have. The hydraulic, four-bar counterweight system ensures stability and the ope operator center means plenty of visibility for added safety. Bihm Equipment Company offers new and used Midwestern 550CH Pipelayers for sale and lease with shipping throughout the United States. We also provide 24 hour service to help ensure that your 550CH stays up and running when you need it. Call Bihm today to learn more about this Midwestern Pipelayer and other heavy equipment we offer.

Rental Rates
Monthly Weekly Daily
$6,500 $2,167 $723

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Tubular A-Frame Boom
Engineered for exceptional support at maximum lift capacity and easy detachment.
Three-lever Hydraulic Control System
Allows simultaneous control of load and boom functions. The controls are easy to operate and require minimal operator training.
Hydraulic Boom Stop
automatically prevents system over travel and damage to boom.
Four-bar Linkage Counterweight System
Hydraulically operated, it adds maximum stability and lifting capacity. Low, compact design provides balanced weight distribution for optimum operating control and excellent visibility.
Great Options
Including a multi-axis, hydraulic joystick control and remote hydraulic pilot controls.
Lifting Capacity
  • Maximum Lift: 50,000 lb (22,680 kg)
  • Maximum Load: 42,500 lb (19,278 kg)
  • Maximum Working Load: 30,000 lb (13,608 kg)
Boom and Blocks
  • Standard Boom: 20ft (6.1 m)
  • Typical Hook Speed (HI/LOW): 45/23 ft/min (13.7/7 m/min)
Boom Winch
  • Planetary, single-speed, dual brake system
  • Wire rope installed: 150 ft (45.7 m)
  • Max. cable capacity: 368 ft (112 m)
  • Wire Rope Diameter: ⅝ in (16 mm)
Load Winch
  • Planetary, two-speed, dual brake system
  • Wire rope installed: 150 ft (45.7 m)
  • Max. cable capacity: 368 ft (112 m)
  • Wire Rope Diameter: ⅝ in (16 mm)
  • Removable counterweight segments: 6 @ 896 lb (406 kg) each
  • Total extendible counterweight (segments and frames): 6,940 lb (3,148kg)
  • Total sideboom attachment weight: 15,000 lb (6,804 kg)
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