Cat 329EL Hydraulic Excavator

Cat 329EL Hydraulic Excavator

The Caterpillar 329DL Excavator is one of the most versatile and powerful excavators available today. With a wide variety of factory-installed attachments, a hydraulics system to provide reliable controls and a comfortable control room, the Cat 329DL will be the powerhouse of any construction project. Featuring a powerful, energy-efficient C7 engine with ACERT technology, the Cat 329DL Excavator is built for performance. At Bihm Equipment Company, we offer low rates for the sale and lease of new and used Cat 329DL Excavators along with unmatched service to ensure your project keeps moving forward.

Rental Rates
Monthly Weekly Daily
$7,500 $2,500 $834
w/Hydralic Thumb
$8,000 $2,667 $889

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C7 with ACERT® Technology ACERT®
Technology works at the point of combustion to optimize engine performance while meeting engine emission regulations for off-road applications with exceptional performance capabilities and proven reliability.

The hydraulic system has been designed to provide reliability and outstanding controllability. An optional Tool Control System provides enhanced flexibility.

Operator Comfort
Provides maximum space, wider visibility and easy access to switches. The monitor is a full-color graphical display that allows the operator to understand the machine information easily. Overall, the new cab provides a comfortable environment for the operator.

Caterpillar offers a wide variety of factory-installed attachments that enhance performance and job site management.

Service and Maintenance
Fast, easy service has been designed in with extended service intervals, advanced filtration, convenient filter access and user-friendly electronic diagnostics for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Caterpillar® design and manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability and service life from these important components. Three length of booms and
five sticks are available to suit a variety of application conditions.

Booms, Sticks and Bucket Attachments
Designed for maximum flexibility, productivity and high efficiency on all jobs, the 329D L offers a wide range of configurations suitable for a variety
of applications

Operating Weight 29 240 kg 64,460 lb


  • Engine Model Cat – C7 with ACERT Technology
  • Net Flywheel Power 152 kW 204 hp
  • Net Power – ISO 9249 152 kW 204 hp
  • Net Power – SAE J1349 151 kW 202 hp
  • Net Power – EEC 80/1269 152 kW 204 hp
  • Bore 110 mm 4.3 in
  • Stroke 127 mm 5 in
  • Displacement 7.2 L 440 in

Swing Mechanism

  • Swing Speed 10.2 rpm
  • Swing Torque 82.2 kN·m 60,628 lb ft

Hydraulic System

  • Main Implement System Maximum Flow (2x) – 235 L/min 62 gal/min
  • Max. pressure – Equipment 35 000 kPa 5,076 psi
  • Max. pressure – Equipment – Heavy 36 000 kPa 5,221 psi
  • Max. pressure – Travel 35 000 kPa 5,076 psi
  • Max. pressure – Swing 27 500 kPa 3,989 psi
  • Pilot System – Maximum flow 32.4 L/min 8.6 gal/min
  • Pilot System – Maximum pressure 3900 kPa 566 psi
  • Boom Cylinder – Bore 140 mm 5.5 in
  • Boom Cylinder – Stroke 1407 mm 55.4 in
  • Stick Cylinder – Bore 150 mm 5.9 in
  • Stick Cylinder – Stroke 1646 mm 64.8 in
  • CB2 Family Bucket Cylinder – Bore 135 mm 5.3 in
  • CB2 Family Bucket Cylinder – Stroke 1156 mm 46 in
  • DB Family Bucket Cylinder – Bore 150 mm 5.9 in
  • DB Family Bucket Cylinder – Stroke 1156 mm 46 in


  • Maximum Drawbar Pull 249 kN 55,977 lb
  • Maximum Travel Speed 5.3 km/h 3.3 mph