About Us

With over 60 years combined experience in the pipeline rental industry, Bihm Equipment understands the various needs of our customers and are dedicated to providing only the very best equipment and service.

What we do

Bihm Equipment leases and sells earth moving equipment and other vehicles primarily for use in heavy construction. We have over 150 earth moving vehicles in our inventory. Please contact us and discover the advantages of working with Bihm Equipment.

Areas of Operation

Bihm Equipment spans the heartland of America. We are currently operating in over sixteen states. There is no location too distant or any job too remote for our skilled personnel. From the Arctic Tundra of Alaska to the deserts of the Southwest, our equipment performs and your goals are accomplished.

We welcome the challenge of serving you in the demanding field of heavy construction.

Give us a call regarding your equipment needs:
225-381-3155 OFFICE
225-381-3156 FAX